Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Toot!

My Tuesday Toot is simple....I survived the Thanksgiving holiday.

I survived:
*2 nine hour drives with the dog at my feet jumping into my lap at every stop and scratching my legs, one child needing to stop every hour since she's still potty training and one child asking every 20 minutes (or less) when we'd be at Nana's house
*getting sick with tonsilitis and feeling guilty about having to stay in bed while hubby took care of the kids and me while we were at his parents' house
*going back and forth from my parents' house to my husband's parents' house and worrying if we were sharing our time between them equally
*travelling all over visiting friends
*2 Thanksgiving dinners full of delicious food and not being able to eat but a few mouthfuls of whatever was the mushiest because of my throat hurting
*dirty laundry the 4 of us accumulated over a 10 day period
*returning home to an empty refrigerator...so off to the grocery store
*helping my son do his "Thanksgiving holiday homework" of decorating a Christmas stocking for his Kindergarten class on Sunday night before school the next morning thus making a huge glitter mess to be cleaned up

This is just a glimpse into the chaos of our holiday. It may not sound that bad, but it was much crazier than things usually are in our family. Things are usually smooth sailing around here and being sick always makes things worse. But I survived. And despite the not so fun for me Thanksgiving, I AM actually looking forward to Christmas even though we will be travelling again. Maybe I shouldn't tempt fate, but I'm thinking Christmas has GOT to be better than Thanksgiving. (I like ham more than turkey anyway.)

Toot Toot

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