Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Toot

Toot Toot! Christmas shopping ---done! Well about 95% of it anyway! Hubby and I went early this year (2 weeks ago) and got just about everything off the kids' lists. There's only a little bit left for us to get. Our goal this year was to try hard to get the hectic stuff (shopping) out of the way so we could really enjoy the season with the kids doing fun stuff like decorating, watching Christmas movies while curled up on the couch with the kiddos in pj's, reading The Polar Express (Grayson's favorite) every night and visiting friends and family. Besides, getting the necessary shopping done makes it so much more fun to go browse-shopping when the mood strikes in December because you don't feel like you are on some mad mission in which you are prepared to beat down that woman who just put the last Darth Vader Starfighter or Sleeping Beauty's Walking Horse in her cart. Christmas shopping in December can get downright dangerous. That's why this year I started in October. Toot Toot.

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michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

Good for you! Sorry the comments have lacked lately. I was having issues visiting your blog, but they seem to be fixed now :)