Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Expectant Moms- Make your Birth Plans

It is only fitting to open this blog with a post announcing the birth of my sixth nephew Harrison Adams Camp. Harrison was born September 8, 2008. He was 8 pounds 2 ounces and is a real cutie. Both mom and baby are doing well and recovering nicely. I am eager to start posting useful information for moms everywhere so I will start here with a recommendation that has come from Ashly's experience having Harrison. During Ashly's labor, she requested to have an epidural. However, the anesthesiologist did not get to her quickly enough and so she ended up having Harrison without the epidural. My advice--request the epidural sooner than later. Have it in your birth plan if you know in advance that you will want an epidural.
Of course I know there is the whole debate over the use of epidurals and other forms of pain managment during childbirth. My stance on this debate is that every woman is different and should seek the recommendation of her doctor when deciding the details of her birth plan. Having said that, make a birth plan! Creating a birth plan with your doctor is the ideal way to make an informed decision on the way you want your labor and delivery to go. Include what types of pain management you would like to have. Even if you are planning an all natural child birth, things may change when you are actually in labor and so you need to be able to articulate to your doctor what you want and when you want it. Know what your doctor knows. Ask questions. If you want to know when it will be too late to get an epidural, ask. Most moms will tell you that giving birth- especially if it is your first child- is not only physically strenuous but also emotionally strenuous. It can be difficult to think clearly and make decisions quickly once labor progresses. Having a birth plan and sharing it in detail with your doctor will put your mind at ease.
Now Ashly is one of those women who barely makes a sound or a grimace when giving birth. Having seen her give birth (with an epidural) to her two other sons Jackson and Jefferson, I have seen this woman in pain and I don't know how she makes it seem so easy. So don't worry too much about her lack of the epidural. From what she told me, she simply grabbed Bob's arm and grunted through it. She's Superwoman! But at the end of the day, she recommended the epidural.
I hope this post (along with the many more to come on a variety of topics) helps moms everywhere. God bless you all!

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