Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tame at the Game--Tuesday Toots

It is Tuesday again and time for Tuesday Toot Me! Today's toot is simple--not as dramatic as my previous weeks. This past Saturday, Grayson had his first soccer game. He's only 5 and has never played before. Now you should know that my husband and I are very competitive people by nature (and nurture I think). We both played sports competitively growing up, and we were both good at them. We both excelled in academics as well, and so we grew up to become very competitive people. We just can't help it. We can turn anything into a competition and we both hate losing. Hey, at least we can admit it. My worst fear though was that I was going to be one of those moms that you roll your eyes at and talk about at the soccer fields. You know the ones--the ones who scream at their kids for not being in the right position or for missing a goal. The ones who yell at the referee and jump up and down all around and in general make a big scene. Like I said--it was my biggest fear to be one of those moms.

Toot Toot-- I WAS NOT one of those moms. I was tame at the game (well relatively). I admit I was by far the loudest at cheering-- but they were all positive cheers and they were for all the kids on the team, not just mine. But I do admit I was loud so you may have rolled your eyes and giggled at me a little bit. I did jump up and down some and run up and down the sidelines a bit. And I did take the most pictures and video too. But I swear I never crossed the white line painted on the field--not even when Grayson was goal keeper and I needed a better angle for a shot of him stopping a goal. So I'm tooting my horn for not turning into one of those psycho moms at the soccer field. I am trying my best. Toot Toot.


michelle @ sweet mady's said...

Good for you. And cheer on girl!

Pamela Kramer said...

Yes, don't become a psycho soccer mom. lol - Toot Toot!