Friday, October 24, 2008

Fashion Friday-- Retro Baby Vintage Tees for Kids

You all know that I try to find something fabulously fashionable for Fridays. Well Grayson has gotten into Star Wars. “Gotten into” is an understatement. He is obsessed. So I’ve been doing a little searching to get ready for Christmas and was looking for a cool Star Wars tee. Now it’s just not my taste to let my kids wear cartoon character clothes. They don’t have Dora, Cars, Disney Princesses or anything like that unless it’s on their underwear where it can’t be seen. I just don’t like those clothes. So I was looking for a Star Wars tee that isn’t too tacky—something vintage looking. TAADAA....found it at the Retro Baby.

Retro Baby has adorable onesies and tees for your little ones. Grayson is going to love the Star Wars tees I’m going to get him. And whether you have a rocker babe or are into vintage prints, this shop has something you and your kids are bound to love.

Go ahead and browse the Retro Baby shop. You’re going to find some cute stuff at great prices. And with Christmas right around the corner, these tees could make great gifts.

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Ronnica said...

Retro T's are fun, especially on children.