Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Proofread Teachers or I'll Grade Your Papers!

This week's "Tuesday Toot" is something that my fellow educators of the English language will surely appreciate.

Last week, Grayson was randomly selected to move into a new class at school due to class sizes being over the state limit. Now let me just say, I used to be a teacher and I know first hand how hard it is to teach when you have too many students in a class. Grayson had an amazing teacher. She really was something special--a rare gem for public schools. But his class size was huge so I was relieved to hear that they were hiring two new teachers. I couldn't help it though--I didn't want Grayson to be moved. He has had to endure so many changes this past year (moving from GA to CA to FL, changing schools, leaving family, friends, church, etc.) It's been hard on him. And finally, he was getting settled in and making friends in his class and getting into a routine. Then we got the news that he'd be changing classes.

Here is part one of the toot. I was sad, but I didn't go up to the school and demand that he be kept in his class. I did simply compose an email to the teacher and principal explaining the past year and requesting that he be able to stay. However, I told them that if he must be moved, I understood and we would just get through it the best we could. Well, he moved into his new class yesterday and is handling it like a champ. I'm so proud of him (and me). Toot toot.

Now here's part two of the toot.

Yesterday afternoon I looked in his backpack for the note the teacher said she'd be sending home. When I read it, glaring out at me, were several errors in her grammar. Yes, I was an English teacher, but normally I don't walk around with my red ink pen out editing and marking mistakes on people's letters, emails, etc. I rarely even proof my own emails, posts, etc. unless they are important so I know I make my own share of mistakes. However, this woman is a teacher and was sending out her first form of communication to parents who are already uneasy with this new change their children are going through. She should have proofread her letter. It took everything I had not to mark up her letter, walk back up to that school and show it to the principal and say, "You took my son out of a wonderful, competent teacher's class and put him in a class with a teacher who doesn't know the difference between their and there. She's a dummy!" But I didn't (although I will if she keeps on sending home poorly written letters.) I really am trying hard not to judge her too harshly. But come on!!!

Ok, maybe I am being a little harsh. But I'm only looking out for my son. He deserves the best. So Toot for me.

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He And Me + 3 said...

I hear you. I only want the best for my kids too. Toot Toot for you!